Going plastic free

Going plastic free

As a visitor to your planet, we want to do our part to help you protect your precious environment.
In an effort to be a company worthy of the green era, we have decided to be fully transparent about the amount of single use and throw away plastics within our packaging.

From time to time, we will publish the amount of single use plastic used in our packaging, and our aim is to demonstrate that we are working diligently towards making all our packaging plastic free.

Currently in our entire product catalog, we have approximately 234g of single use plastic in all our packaging, but we are working on ways to replace with recyclable options.

First off some news that our Pillow Protector Twin Pack will soon be 100% free of single use plastic in its packaging. We are replacing the plastic polybags with kraft paper bags which are 100% recycled.

As a percentage, our single use plastic accounts for 48.3% of our packaging. It's not good, we agree.
That's why we want to be completely transparent and our promise to our customers is that we will work towards reducing this figure as we researching other packaging options.

We hope that you'll stick with us on this journey and perhaps give us some pointers along the way towards more environmentally friendly options.

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