What to do if your USB candle lighter get’s jammed

Sometimes customers contact us because their USB candle lighter has gotten itself a little jammed.

You'll know when this happens if your slider button starts to feel stiff and hard to move.

The reason this happens in 99.9% of the cases is because wax has gotten itself into the shaft and started to clog up the lighter. When you light candles sometimes if you touch the wax it can get onto the lighting tips, this is what makes it's way into the device.

It's easy to remedy as long as you look out for the signs since if you leave it too long and lots more wax ends up inside, then it might be a bit hard to remedy.

  1. Tip the lighter upside down and do all this with it upside down.
  2. Light the lighter, leave it going for the full 10 seconds before it cuts out.
  3. Do a few more times, this will heat up the tips and elements and you should see a shine on the tips, this is the wax melting inside and making it's way back down towards the tips, hence holding it upside down.
  4. Switch off the device fully and wipe the tips with a damp cloth or something to remove the wax.
  5. Repeat a few more times until you are sure all the wax has moved out and down.

That's it. A simple solution to keep your USB lighter working in best condition.

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