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Coolbreeze Airflow Pillow - 1 Pack

Coolbreeze Airflow Pillow - 1 Pack

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Stay Cool and Comfortable All Night Long

Introducing the Coolbreeze Airflow Pillow, the ultimate solution for hot sleepers seeking a cooler, more restful night's sleep. Designed with advanced breathability technology, this pillow allows trapped warm air to escape more easily, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable all night long.

The Coolbreeze Airflow Pillow features a premium fill made of a unique blend of cooling gel-infused shredded memory foam and super soft 0.9D microfiber. The 0.9D microfiber is as close to duck feather or down as you can get, offering the perfect balance of comfort and support. We’re proud to be vegan-friendly, protecting our feathered friends while keeping you cozy.

With adjustable firmness, you can customize the fill to achieve your ideal level of support, making the pillow softer or firmer to suit your personal preference. Additionally, the gusseted mesh side enhances air circulation, promoting a cooler sleep environment.

Why choose the Coolbreeze Airflow Pillow? Enhanced comfort is achieved through the blend of cooling gel-infused memory foam and 0.9D microfiber, providing a plush yet supportive feel. The pillow's superior breathability and air circulation help regulate temperature, keeping you cool throughout the night. With the ability to adjust the firmness, you can ensure you get the perfect night's sleep every time.

Specifications include availability in two sizes: Standard (50x75 cm) and Super King (50x90 cm). The fill is made of cooling gel-infused shredded memory foam and 0.9D microfiber, with a medium but adjustable firmness.

Experience the difference with the Coolbreeze Airflow Pillow and enjoy a cooler, more comfortable night's sleep. Order yours today and say goodbye to restless nights!


**Order Now** and transform your sleep experience with the Coolbreeze Airflow Pillow. Stay cool, sleep better.

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