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Martian Dreams Luxury Silk Eye Mask

Martian Dreams Luxury Silk Eye Mask

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Welcome to the world of Martian Dreams, where fun and cheekiness meet luxurious comfort! We've got something special for you – our signature sheep right where you'd normally count them to sleep. With our silk eye mask, falling into dreamland will be a breeze, and you'll have a smile on your face as you doze off.

Crafted from 19 momme silk, this mask offers the smoothest, most indulgent feeling against your skin. And that's not all – the silk floss filling ensures that pesky light stays out, giving you the chance to experience pure blackness while you sleep like a star.

Oh, and did we mention the adjustable strap? It's like a cozy hug for your head, accommodating sizes from 16cm to 28cm. No worries – this eye mask fits kids and adults alike!

Ready to gift the gift of sleep? We've got you covered with a charming gift box, complete with tissue paper for an extra touch of sweetness. And guess what? We've gone the extra mile for our planet too! Our packaging is 100% plastic-free, so those earplugs might be sans their usual plastic case, but hey, we're keeping it eco-friendly and that's what matters.

At Martian Made, we take pride in being green and responsible, making sure your sleep is as good for the environment as it is for you. So go ahead, slip on our Martian Dreams silk eye mask, and let the dreams take over. Happy snoozing!

  • BREATHE EASY WITH NATURAL GOODNESS ★ Experience the ultimate in comfort with our 19 Momme silk eye mask, thoughtfully filled with pure silk floss. Lightweight and oh-so-comfy, it's like wearing a cloud! And guess what? Silk works its magic, helping to reduce wrinkles and fine lines while you sleep – beauty rest, anyone?
  • TOTAL BLACKOUT, NO FUSS ★ Say farewell to unwanted light! Our eye mask is a superhero when it comes to blocking out 99.5% of all light, ensuring you get the rest you deserve and keeping puffy eyes and dark circles at bay.
  • A PERFECT FIT FOR ALL ★ No more tight and uncomfortable masks! Our adjustable strap ensures a snug fit for most head shapes and sizes. Plus, it's super flexible, so no sleep position will mess with your zen time. It's like the Goldilocks of eye masks – just right!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY ALL THE WAY ★ We believe in a greener future! Our eye mask comes in a beautiful gift box, elegantly wrapped in tissue, and guess what? Zero single-use plastic packaging – hooray for Mother Earth!
  • SUPPORT LOCAL, WE'VE GOT YOUR BACK ★ We're not just a UK company; we're a family-run, small UK company dedicated to providing you with top-notch customer support and the most fantastic products ever. Rest easy, knowing we've got you covered like a fluffy pillow! 
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